Antons Recycling is a crucial component of the metal recycling industry in the Northern Territory. Our Alice Springs based facility processes tonnes of metal every year—saving it from contributing to landfill waste and putting cash in the hands of locals.
Remember, prices fluctuate according to demand, so contact our scrap recycling experts for estimates or bring your items to us for a thorough assessment.

Weigh & Pay

We carefully weigh all non-ferrous metals to guarantee total accuracy in our pricing. As the metals we look for are often inside plastic casings—appliances with copper wiring for instance —they will have to be separated beforehand. The weighing is done on the spot, while you are there, so you know it’s completely honest.

Environmental Services

Aside from the cash benefit of selling your scrap, you can feel satisfied that all materials are recycled and reused by local and national industries. The metals are usually melted down to become ‘secondary raw materials’ for manufacturing. This has the dual benefit of reducing our reliance on mining ore and also skipping several carbon emission generating refining processes.

Once we’ve weighed and assessed your scrap, you’ll be paid on the spot for it with cash. No waiting around for transfers or hoping cheques clear. Depending on the quantities and type of metal, you might leave with a small fortune.